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The first decisions at the Red Bull Rally hut have been made: The French Meryll Boulangeat took victory in the women’s, silver and bronze going to Austria. In the men’s 32 riders have qualified for the finals on Saturday. Defending champion Daron Rahlves was impressed by competitors.

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Exciting six fights today showed the neatly edged ladies in the second Red Bull Hut Rally in St. Anton am Arlberg. The demanding course required the participants to 300 meters from everything. After six heats and six top-runners of the day were discarded. Two Swiss nationals, one French and three Austrians were waiting in the start hut on the crucial last kick. Right at the beginning of the French Meryll Boulangeat took the lead and gave the lead during a great race to finish off no longer. The 25-year-old World Cup in Tignes Skicrosserin was thrilled at the finish: “It was a tough race with really good skiers. I caught a really good run, and could hold a good line. ”

A few meters behind the winner drove Simone sympathetic Strictly from the Pitztal across the finish line. The 25-year-old has already experienced two years ago in the Alpine World Cup and is at the Red Bull Rally hut drove her first ski cross races. From St. Wolfgang is the third-place finisher, the ÖSV runner Andrea Limbach (22): “In the final, a lot of action was required.I guess with today’s race as training for the ski cross World Cup. “Daron Rahlves, presented the trophies to the winners.

Fighting spirit in its purest form. 172 daring riders from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy and even Australia competed in the men’s qualification to the grid positions for the final. After several hours, the chaff was separated from the wheat. 32 speed junkies will be tomorrow, Saturday the 16 secures its place, challenge especially Daron Rahlves. After training from 9 clock it gets serious from 12 clock!

The defending champion from the United States was enthusiastic about the competition: “Today I have seen many rock-hard guys. I am excited and looking forward to the finals tomorrow. It is not easy to keep my title. “Enthusiastic was the TVB boss of St. Anton am Arlberg, Martin Ebster:” The organizers deserve it, now that the sun shines. The effort is driven here is sensational! “The ÖSV runner Matt Andi took the Red Bull Hut Rally 2012 after his injury as an exercise to re-optimal way into the ski cross-rhythm.
Results Women:

1st Meryll Boulangeat (FRA)
second Simone Stern (AUT)
3rd Andrea Limbacher (AUT)
fourth Seraina Murk (CH)
5th Angelika drinkers (CH)
6th Lisa Breckner (AUT)
Things to do. For those who do not live here can be is demonstrated ServusTV the highlights of the Red Bull Hut Rally 2012 on Sunday 29 January 16 clock.
Women’s earnings in detail 
Men’s Qualification in Detail 
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